Page of Swords

A young man stands on small rise of land. He appears to have been turning sharply to look behind him, which is the viewer’s left. He holds a two-handed sword before his torso which is still facing the viewer’s right. Bound hair reveals a sharp face. His right foot is tipped to follow the turning motion. Behind him, puffy clouds dominate the sky and give the impression of a passing distant storm. Birds fly high above him. Far in the distance, trees appear dominated by wind.

As this page races to deliver his entrusted secret message, he could be caught humming the theme to James Bond, “Secret Agent Man”, or other ditties associated with clandestine superheroes. Until he hears an unexpected sound behind him, and his paranoia jumps to the fro as he calls out, “Who goes there!”. These are themes I associate with the Page of Swords. Secrecy, snooping, and the motivations behind such actions such as paranoia, and unchecked curiosity.

In a spread, this card can refer to people attempting to snoop into the Querent’s privacy against their permission or will. If the card refers to the Querent, they must ask themselves what they are trying to obtain without permission and if their curiosity is justified. If the youthful curiosity and impudence can be contained, then this card refers to important matters that must be handled discretely. The messenger may be a child, but the message can topple kingdoms.