The top half of this card is overwhelmed by a winged angelic figure emerging from and through knots of clouds. The figure’s hair appears to be flame. The figure is seen from the chest up, and kir great wings are seen only to the wrist joint. The figure is looking down at the ground and holds a long straight horn to kir lips. The bell of the horn is pointed down, and a square flag is mounted upon it. The flag bears a white field with a cross touching all four sides. Lines indicate the horn is being sounded. Over the ground are what appears to be coffins. The tops have been removed from them, and their inhabitants are standing and looking up at the angelic figure with their arms outstreched in wonder. In the foreground, from left to right, stands a man, a child, and a woman. All naked, but having no concern for being so. In the enad background are more open coffins and their inhabitants also standing. In the far distance are scattered trees, and beyond them a tall impenetrable mountain range.

Pencils down. Time’s up. Turn in your papers, completed or not. This card is the Last Call, the Deadline, and the Moment of Truth. After this card, there is no second chances, no plea bargains, no stopping the clock. While the Christian imagery gives the idea (and the ideal) of the resurrection of the dead, in my experience, there is resumption of projects long ended. Instead the act that follows this event in the Christian tales, the weighing of acts and faith on a perfect scale is what I read most in this card.

It is both the End of a Project and the Debriefing that follows. This is when one’s errors, intentional or not, are revealed and hopefully learned from. However, there is no ability to go back and correct those errors. You’re stuck with what you have. Hope you did well.

When the Querent draws this card, it is often a warning that the Last Call is impending. If there are any last moment corrections or additions the Querent wants to make in regards to the query, this is the time to do them as the matter will soon be “chiseled in stone”. As a Memento Mori, this card reminds the Querent that everything does come to an end, and they should work with that end goal in mind instead of putting off necessary work for another day that may never come.

Ill-dignified, the card can designate that the final moment has already passed, and the work the Querent is doing will be discarded as arriving “too late to matter”. It can also reflect the Querent’s attitude of not caring about consequences concerning the query. If a neighboring card indicates a particular person, that person may be trying to accelerate the end of the Querent’s involvement in a matter, or trying to sabotage the project to the detriment of the Querent.