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The Fool

A youth in a brightly embroidered tunic is out to see the world with his personal goods tied within a pack hanging off the staff he has balanced on his right shoulder. In his left hand he holds a white rose daintily. His small cap has a large feather bobbing behind him. The pack has an eagle’s head upon the face of it. The sun shines brightly behind him as he strides forward, looking up into the cloudless sky. His point of view blinds him to the cliff edge he is one step away from falling off of. A small dog is at his heels, apparently trying in vain to grasp the youth’s attention. The mountains in the distance are blanketed with snow. Continue reading The Fool


A woman is seated on a stone bench between two unremarkable pillars facing the viewer. She wears the vestments of her office, and a gold crown upon her head. The crown features a blue square over the forehead. Her cloak is fastened by a gold square with a red circle. In her left hand, she holds a set of free scales. The bowls are level and the scale measures as balanced. In her right hand, she holds a long sword fully upright. Her face is stern and fixing. A curtain is draped between the pillars behind her, completely obscuring the background. Continue reading Justice

The Lovers

On a barren landscape stand two trees, one green and lush with ripe fruit, another leafless with fruit appearing to be on fire. A snake is wound around the lush tree and before it stands a naked woman who is looking up at an apparition in the sky. A naked man stands before the leafless tree but his attention is on the woman. In the far background between the trees is a lone mountain peak, looking much like a dormant volcano. Above the trees is a barrier of clouds, from which emerges a winged angel. The wings appear to be feathered with flame, and the angel’s hair is also aflame. They raise their hands as if in proclamation. Above the angel the sun dominates the sky, with straight beams emanating from the orb. Continue reading The Lovers

The Tower

A tall tower rises from the highest point of a crag. Unremarkable in construction except for a golden dome for the roof, the tower is imposing against the darkened sky. However a jagged lightning bolt has struck the top of the tower, knocking the golden dome off completely and setting the upper floors on fire. Two figures have been ejected from the edifice, though it is unclear if they were thrown by the bolt or jumped. The are both head over heels, though the man is looking towards the ground in panic and horror, while the woman has resigned herself to her fate. The woman has managed to keep her crown despite her circumstances. Tongues of fire are seen between the thick clouds. Continue reading The Tower

The Hanged Man

Two beams are placed together to resemble the capital letter “T”. The upright beam is thick and sturdy while the thinner crossbeam has branches growing from it still. Where the two beams meet, a short length of rope is attached. From it hands a man caught by his right foot and from such, hangs upside down against the upright beam. His left leg is bent at the knee and is pinned behind the right. His hands are presumably fastened behind him, though one can not tell if merely behind his back or if bound against the beam as well. While he is hanging as if a traitor to his country, there is a nimbus around his head, and his facial expression is neutral to his circumstances. Continue reading The Hanged Man

The Sun

A large sun-disc with the full features of a face dominates the upper third of this card. Radiant beams alternate straight and wavy to demonstrate the strength and persistence of the sun. In the foreground is a naked toddler riding a white horse without saddle, tackle, or other gear. The child is crowned with flowers with one very tall feather as a crest, and holds a very long banner on a very tall staff. Behind the horse is a brick wall that is barely able to hold back the dense growth of sunflowers. Continue reading The Sun

The Hierophant

A clean-shaven man sits on a grand seat facing the viewer directly. On either side of him are two massive pillars. He wears a triple tiered crown as part of the regalia of his office. He holds a triple cross upright with his left hand, and is making a gesture with his right hand. (First and second fingers held up together, with the thumb pressed against the base of them.) At his feet are two keys, crossed over each other, with the teeth pointing towards the pillars. Obscuring the base of the pillars are two men with tonsures and vestments, presumably kneeling before the seated man. One wears a pattern of roses, the other wears a pattern of lilies. Continue reading The Hierophant

The Emperor

A close view of a hewn throne nearly fills the entirety of this card. Carved ram’s heads, facing away from the throne, are upon the back corners of the seat. Two more are at the ends of both arm’s rests, facing the viewer. Seated upon the otherwise stark throne is a crowned man wearing armor, and over the armor, a cloak and robe. In his bare left hand he holds a globe, while in his also bare right hand he holds a Tau scepter mounted with an encircled jewel. His crown is short and holds many jewels. Long white hair falls down his back, and a long white beard reaches down his chest. The robe is worn so that a woman’s face is draped over his left shoulder. Despite facing the viewer, he does not look forward. His eyes are turned to his right (the viewer’s left) and the countenance on his face shows he is greatly disapproving whatever he is seeing. In the distance are imposing and unscalable mountains, at the base of which, a thin river flows. Continue reading The Emperor

The High Priestess

A woman sits between two large and dominating columns. Facing the viewer, she holds a scroll in her lap. The letters “TORA” can be seen upside down on the top of the scroll. The pillar to the viewer’s right has the letter “J” inscribed on it. The pillar to the viewer’s left has the letter “B”. A tapestry hangs between the columns featuring pomegranates and palms in its design. The womans robes envelop her but does not obscure her. Her headdress resembles a full moon mounted between horns. An equal-armed cross is over her chest. And a large sliver of a crescent moon is held by a fold of cloth at her feet. Barely seen between the columns and the tapestry is a large body of water behind her, with the shore far in the distance. Continue reading The High Priestess


A woman stands slightly off center of this card. She is dressed in a long sleeved gown with a garland of flowers around her waist and upon her head. She is bent over slightly, as she is in the process of closing the mouth of a maned lion. Her left hand is upon the lion’s snout and her right hand is cupping the jaw. The lion’s tongue is out of his mouth as if in protest and licks against her right hand. His tail is swept under him and between his legs in an apparent act of submission. A lemniscate is over her head, tilted appropiately to signify its connection to her own tilted head. In the near distance are trees and hills. In the far distance is a prominent mountain. Continue reading Strength