The Sun

A large sun-disc with the full features of a face dominates the upper third of this card. Radiant beams alternate straight and wavy to demonstrate the strength and persistence of the sun. In the foreground is a naked toddler riding a white horse without saddle, tackle, or other gear. The child is crowned with flowers with one very tall feather as a crest, and holds a very long banner on a very tall staff. Behind the horse is a brick wall that is barely able to hold back the dense growth of sunflowers.

An impersonal card that does not make judgment calls of the Querent, or demands the Querent take on a certain pattern of behaviors or aspects, the Sun merely is. As its namesake does, it shines light on the situation, allowing the Querent to see with clarity as well as providing energy to proceed with whatever plans are on the table. The realm of the Sun is not without its dangers. Again, following the pattern set by its namesake, too much Sun can blind the Querent with unwarranted optimism, and destroy the Querent’s reserves by overexposure or overuse. It is important to remember that the same solar energy that awakens the seeds in spring can blister unprotected skin in hours.

Pseudo-philosophy aside, the Sun card can represent anything good, warming, and/or wholesome in the Querent’s life. The antithesis of the Moon card, the Sun represents stability, predictability, and persistence despite obstacles or setbacks. As the image hints, here too is the joy and contentment of the unburdened, and the happiness and mirth of the innocent.

Ill-dignified, this card becomes the harsh sun of an unseasonal drought. Too much heat, too much light, and the growing cycle is interrupted. The pervasive influx of energy does not allow the Querent to rest, and there is a sense of something heavy and brutal being applied with prejudice over everything and everyone. There is no malice in this action. It is simply what comes when there is too much of a good thing.