The World

A woman dances in the midst of nothingness, her foot alighting upon what is implied as emptiness by the lack of ground under her foot. She is naked except for a long length of cloth that spirals once around her. The cloth leaves her breasts exposed but covers her genitals. An oval wreath, bound at the top and the bottom by red cloth, frames her and separates her from the four corners of the card. In those four corners are the heads of a man, an eagle, a bull, and a lion. These in turn appear before puffs of clouds.

“And they lived happily ever after, the end.” Here is what could be the absolute end of a cycle or a series of cycles, hopefully with the best possible outcome. Update the portfolio with another completed project. Celebrate the anniversary. Hold the diploma. You’re done. Right?


In mundane matters, this is the point where the querent’s life begins to transition into something else. The college graduate becomes the job seeker. The entrepreneur completes setting up her business and opens to the public. The project is completed, the record books are filed away, and now the querent takes on a different project.

There is also the sense of completeness and wholeness. A difficult recovery ends with the querent adjusting to the adaptations and continuing with his life. A surprise gift that upset the querent’s life is fully integrated with her holdings and she is able to make full use of it.

That which is within matches and balances that which is without. The querent has every thing they need (and sometimes want). But to remain in that space is to spoil what they have. This is the end of the book, but not always the end of the series.

As a stand alone card, the World signifies completeness and structural integrity. It is up to the querent what to do with it. At the beginning of a spread, it sets the theme for the cards that follows. That there may be more at stake than what the querent initially thought. At the end of a spread it may be the seal that secures the querent’s actions, or indicative of a larger audience than the querent was aware of.

“So what happened after that?” “They started on a new adventure.”