78 Tarot Cards: The World

“The Epilogue and the Introduction.”

The last card of the Major Arcana by most reckonings and widely considered to represent the totality of the querent’s world if not the culmination of the matter. And for a good number of readings, the World card places the period at the end of the sentence. This does not stop the card from expressing further opinions about the matter that require more words to be given. In this way, the World is both the epilogue to the reading and the introduction to the next step that the querent should consider.

As the All-Encompassing Everything, the World can represent whoever is in the background environment to the querent and their question. It can represent the office staff where the querent is hoping to get promoted. It can represent the extended family working together to help the querent through a difficult situation. The crowd at the sports stadium. The audience at the recital. The everyday people that walk in and out of the store.

The World can also represent the ground under the querent’s feet and the sky over their head. The field where a new building is going to be erected. The national park where an excursion is being planned. The open-air market where a vendor stall location must be chosen. The city that is the backdrop to a potential new job. Even the ocean and the clouds can be represented by the World if the querent’s concern pulls those areas into focus as relevant to the answer. The World card can represent the boundary of the querent’s ability to move and explore.

But the World card speaks to more than clay and grit. If the query is of an internal nature, a question of the mind and/or the heart, then the card expresses the internal landscape of the querent. How their internal reactions lead them to express themselves to others. The querent’s interaction with their mental, religious, and/or spiritual concerns. The inner life that the querent may not have spoken to anyone about but is the well from which they draw their desires, goals, and focus.

Anything greater than the querent, to which they can count themselves as a member or influenced by can be represented by the World. It is everything to them. But in being everything, the card can also represent the conditions from which the querent can start something new. It is the mulch that protects the new seed. The ending of one story that allows a new story to begin.

As a one-card reading, the World can express opposite ends of a duality. “All or nothing.” Depending on how the query is presented, receiving this card as the sole answer could mean the querent gets everything they asked for, regardless of suitability, or that the querent gets nothing as a result, which could be the best possible outcome.

When presented beside other cards, the World card is constrained by the context of the query and the pressures of the other cards on the table. The World followed by the Eight of Coins can speak to a learning environment, often considered a positive response. Yet if the Eight of Coins was followed by the World, I could read that as an environment where the querent would never be permitted to prove themselves as knowledgeable in their trade, an equally considerable negative response. And I could also read that as a student encouraged to expand their knowledge by engaging with the world at large, perhaps as a journeyman. The World card does not carry judgement nor dictate morals. The World card just is.

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