The Tower

A tall tower rises from the highest point of a crag. Unremarkable in construction except for a golden dome for the roof, the tower is imposing against the darkened sky. However a jagged lightning bolt has struck the top of the tower, knocking the golden dome off completely and setting the upper floors on fire. Two figures have been ejected from the edifice, though it is unclear if they were thrown by the bolt or jumped. The are both head over heels, though the man is looking towards the ground in panic and horror, while the woman has resigned herself to her fate. The woman has managed to keep her crown despite her circumstances. Tongues of fire are seen between the thick clouds.

More than London Bridge is falling down when this card is on the table. Physically speaking, this card warns of disasters. Of relationships, it speaks of unmendable partings and betrayals. Of work, a catastrophe that halts business. Of spiritual matters, the rending of false beliefs and the deserved outcome of hubris. This is not a pleasant card to endure.

But all this destruction does have a purpose. Most of what it breaks are those things that were hindering the Querent anyway. Granted, it removes those things with the grace and subtlety of a ripped away bandage. It will hurt.

There will be collateral damages. The immediate aftermath is where you will find the 10 of Swords. The Querent now has to decide how to recover and if to rebuild.

Ill-dignified, the mayhem loses its purpose. Chaos abounds across the landscape like a looting militia. That which was supposed to be preserved is lost, that which was supposed to be brought down still remains. The commander becomes a tyrant as his forces destroy the very thing they were supposed to protect.