Knight of Pentacles

A mounted knight covered by a surcoat sits on a stationary horse. The helmet is crested with vegetation. The visor is raised, revealing a stern face. He holds a large pentacle in his right hand with a formal raise. The horse’s reins are in his left hand, gripped securely and just enough to remove slack. The theme of his surcoat is difficult to distinguish. The heavy-set horse is tied with the harness of a draft horse, but is not connected to any gear. On its head is a decoration of green leaves. The sky is cloudless and in the low view of the near distance is a gentle hill recently tilled and prepared for farming.

The Knight of Pentacles moves with deliberation and focus. He stands with deliberation and focus. Starting or stopping, he does not waste his actions. Everything is for a purpose, and he works for future harvests. To those used to instant gratification or wanting things to happen quickly, the Knight of Pentacles appears slow, plodding, and about as exciting as watching grass grow.

But watching grass grow is where her skills excel. A patient and methodical character, she does not (usually) seek fame from her peers but seeks serviceability instead. When she arrives, she places her hands on the work and helps in whatever way she can, or is allowed. She takes responsibility for her actions, and her mistakes. Immune to flattery and annoyed by gifts, all she asks of her companions is the same dedication to responsibility and integrity as her.

Ill-dignified, however, his already slow movements shudder to a complete halt. Recalcitrant and doubly-stubborn to remain so, he frustrates every attempt to get around him or to get his work completed even by someone else’s hand. He becomes frustrated and expresses this with dangerous carelessness or despondent sluggishness.