King of Swords

A crowned man facing the viewer directly sits on a nearly completely obscured throne that is set outside. Butterflies are carved into the back of the throne, but most of it is hidden by the seated king. He wears a cap of maintenance under his crown, and is swallowed up by his plain robes. He holds a long sword upright in his right hand, but it is not held true vertical. His left hand is bare but for one small ring. Behind the throne, in the distance, are two birds in flight and puffy clouds. Tall trees are also see, and there is a sense of a blustery day from them.

This is an emotionally cold person. Not to say the King of Swords is incapable of experiencing emotion, but that feelings are a tool to be used in and against other people than something to personally take delight in. The King of Swords holds logic and rational thought as the lords of his mind, as any proper adult must do. (So he would say.) Cold, but not cruel. He may appear to be cruel in the workings of his office because he listens to the facts of the matter and ignores attempts at persuasion. Religious appeals are lost on him unless he is occupying a religious office, and even then what books that hold the official word on the matter trumps all.

He commands. He may do so as the leader of a country, of an army, of a corporation, or of a school as the principal. He is authority and he holds a solid grip on his station. However, unlike the Emperor who is the servant of the empire, the King of Swords holds nothing above him. Thus he tends to be authoritarian and confuses himself with what he rules over. He does not tolerate dissent well.

Ill-dignified, a cold but effective ruler becomes an unpredictable despot. Sadistic, cruel, and having dropped all pretense of ruling for the good of those he holds power over, he takes delight in finding ways to torture his subjects. Rarely does he get his hands dirty in the process, preferring to sit back and watch others enforce his policies and edicts for him. If the Querent finds herself subject to such a character, she should prepare for mental and emotional war and make preparations to leave as soon as possible.