Ace of Pentacles

A short pillar of clouds float on the left side of this card. From that pillar, a brilliant hand emerges towards the right, filling the interior of the space. It is cupped and holds a pentacle comfortably upright. At the bottom of the card is a garden scene with lilies in bloom on a grassy field. A path is worn through that field to a fence that is completely overgrown with vegetation and blooming flowers. The path is met at an unobstructed arch (also overgrown), through which two peaks of very distant mountains can be seen.

Aces are the Ones and the Elevens of their suit. That is, they are the Seed of the suit’s potential, or the Fulfillment of it. Which applies to the reading is determined by the query and the dignities of the surrounding cards. The Ace of Pentacles is the money you invest in a startup, the seeds that you plant in the spring, the learning potential of a child, and the beginner’s book covering that hobby you are interested in. The Ace of Pentacles is also the dividends from a successful company, the bountiful harvest in autumn, the graduate being recognized, and your side business that your hobby turned into. It is riches, usually of the physical kind, but not always money. It is the contentment of seeing the results of your work and the comfort of knowing your work was good.

Ill-dignified, the card becomes too much of a good thing. The Querent has wealth, but is emotionally empty. Surrounded by bling, and desolate for company. Here also is the use of riches as a weapon against the undeserving, the unchecked greed of those already endowed, and the curse of King Midas. As a spoiled seed, it is a field allowed to rot before its time, good money thrown after bad, and the spoiled harvest. It is the loss of resources in the worst way, you see them intact one moment, and then the next they are destroyed.