9 of Swords

A person sits up in their bed in the middle of the night and covers their face with both hands in a sign of deep distress. The quilted blanket, covered with rose squares and embroidered astrological symbols is slightly gathered at the figures waist but is otherwise undisturbed. The revealed frame of the bed depicts a wood carving of two dueling figures, with one about to strike the fatal blow upon the other in a wooded scene. Above the weeping figure are nine long swords mounted horizontally but stacked one over the other as to completely fill the scene.

A negative card, especially when surrounded by cards of good dignity. How severe this card will strike the Querent is dependent on what has prompted the despair to descend in the first place. Despair, sharp and bitter regret, and lamentations are the hallmarks of this card. No balm in Gilead, no lotus bloom, nor calming agents medicinal or otherwise will be able to lift the malaise. Only by confronting the source of this mental darkness will the Querent have hope of seeing the light again.

However, this card can also indicate the Long Night of the Soul. That series of moments during which the Querent feels disconnected and removed from all sources of happiness, including their spiritual and religious beliefs. By facing themselves and that which they think they believe in, the Querent can come through this moment of absolute darkness stronger than when it first descended upon them.

Ill-dignified, a depressing and bleak card eclipses even the sun. Where before the Querent had a chance to work out the issues that caused the despair, now the Querent becomes trapped in their own mind. Circular reasoning and faulty logic serve to make the pit even deeper and block out external voices of comfort and reasoning. The Querent’s friends may speak loudly, but they will not be heard. Look at other cards to determine what is making this bad situation worse, and who (if any) is taking advantage of the situation for their benefit.