2 of Swords

A woman sits on a stone bench facing the viewer. She is blindfolded and holds two longswords of considerable length with arms crossed over her chest such that the blades extend above and away from her shoulders. The ground is featureless before her, but behind her is a large body of water with disconnected islands and a far shore viewable. Above her and to the viewer’s right hangs a waning crescent moon in the cloudless sky, angled as if it has only been a few hours since rising.

Not all compromises bring lasting peace, and some are harder to swallow than others. The 2 of Swords is a very disturbing compromise indeed. Those involved are not satisfied with the judgement, and any peace that comes from this card is temporary and delicate. The political climate of the Cold War is an example of the kind of peace and satisfaction this card brings. Neither side was truly at peace, and the amount of clandestine workings against each other has influenced the state of the world today. If the Querent finds kirself in this position, smile, play nice, reinforce kir defenses, and be prepared to end the truce swinging. It won’t be a pretty end, and sometimes, it is better to quit the conflict altogether and allow the other side to experience a Pyrrhic victory.

Ill-dignified, a bad card becomes worse. The skullduggery increases until only the Querent is holding to moral ideals, and even then, those ideals are being used against kir. The Querent is forced into a distasteful compromise that really only serves to hold the target still while kir opponent does something worse. Obviously, this breaks the peace agreement, and the conflict resumes out in the open, only twice as worse as it was before. There will be collateral damage.