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Free Reading Queue & WDTDS Changes

Now that things have settled out, the Free Cartomancy Readings queue now has ten slots. However, regardless of what weekday the request is submitted, the reading will be posted the first Saturday or Sunday following the request.

The What Does The Deck Say posts will now be Monday through Friday only.

The Contact Nox form is available for any question that is not a reading request. No email address is required, unless if you want my answer to remain private.

A Vacation In Name Only

Due to a series of flipped tables, the Etsy portion of Noxporium will be on Vacation Status for the remainder of the year. The daily What Does The Deck Say posts will continue, and I may open the free one-card drawing as time allows. I will still be available for technical questions, however until circumstances have been settled out, I will not be performing paid readings until after January 1st, 2018.

Should circumstances be settled out sooner than expected, I will reopen the shop then and make an announcement here.

/s Kerian Nox
A Random Card Reader on the Internet

Dear Noxporium: Is there any way I can donate to you?

Dear Noxporium: I have had many free cartomancy readings, which have I might add always contained highly accurate, and sometimes incredibly direct blows, to give a swift but knowledgeable kick up the backside. I would like to pay you for your services, as I am, alas, already long overdue with the gift I said I would make many years ago. [Personal details removed.] Continue reading Dear Noxporium: Is there any way I can donate to you?

Get Your Civic Duty On

I have my hands full with… stuff… today, so instead of pulling random cards and trying to make you feel better about things, I’m just going to say it plain: If you are capable of voting today, and you have not already voted, go vote.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go adult now.

An Extended Hiatus

A “nice break” has segued into a “required break”. While it was my hope to reopen Noxporium and offer readings again today, certain events have prompted me to extend the pause to Monday, October 5th, 2015.

In my absence, I ask that you all be kind to yourselves, as you are kind to strangers, especially when you are hurt and alone. For you are a stranger to someone else, and you deserve kindness, too.

Closed until June 22nd, 2015

Noxporium will be taking a 2 week break. The website and the Etsy will remain viewable, but no new post will be made and no reading requests will be accepted until June 22nd, 2015. I apologize for the abruptness, however I assure you, I will be back to cause more trouble throw cards for you in two weeks.

No WDTDS for June 4th 2015

My apologies, dear readers. There will be no What Does The Deck Say for June 4th, 2015. The day did not go well, and there are adjustments that must be made in certain priorities. I hope to have a morning reading for you all for tomorrow. But I will not be able to give you a reading today.

/s Kerian

Dear Noxporium: Stop Card

Anonymous” inquires: “How do you know what your ‘stop’ card is?

A Stop card, as I have understood it, is a particular card that has its usual meanings if dealt any place other than the first card of a spread containing a minimum of 3 cards. If it is the first card in the spread, or the first card turned face up if the spread is dealt face down, then the reading is to be brought to an immediate halt and all fees refunded (if any). My card of choice is the 7 of Pentacles. Continue reading Dear Noxporium: Stop Card