Free Cartomancy Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks, “Who was the nameless spirit? I heard them so clearly and crisp it threw me off.” and leaves the choice of deck up to the reader.

Except I won’t be reading for this query because I can’t.

An explanation follows after the jump.

If Anonymous is asking for a name, then a one card pull of any deck is going to give an answer so incomplete, it is worse than not having an answer at all. Perhaps if this was a personal or live session, and I was given leave to scry off the pulled card, and an active conversation was being had with the querent, then maybe I would be able to divine a name or at least a category of names that would give the querent a direction to pursue away from the table.

If Anonymous is asking for a title, then the answer that a one card pull is going to be heavily dependent on the deck used for the query, and on the personal understandings of political and cultural idiosyncrasies encountered by the reader. Such unique assembly of knowledge, facts, and myths will differ from that of the querent, leading to any information given by the one card pull being translated at least twice before encountering the biases and desires of the querent.

If Anonymous is asking for a category, then a one card pull might be of assistance, but more context will be needed from the querent in choosing the right deck to use. A mundane deck will speak of mundane spirits, but will likely miss anything religious and/or divine. A magical deck will be more likely to reflect divine spirits, but if the deck presumes that chthonic spirits are “evil”, then any spirits of the dead are likely to be presented as unwanted regardless of their intent towards the querent.

Instead, I would advise Anonymous to pick up the divination and/or spirit communication tools of their choosing and comfort, have a good sit with a notebook, pen, and a glass of water (or two), and open a dialogue, or at least a listening session, with that spirit. If the spirit was heard that clearly and crisp, then there is a desire on the part of that spirit to be heard by Anonymous again. Take advantage of the offer for communication and begin your work there.

I am quite sure that it will take many cards and many sessions to come to a place where something as simple as a name becomes a baseline to build a relationship with.

Good luck.

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One response to “Free Cartomancy Reading: Anonymous”

  1. Thank you :)
    Relationships require time and patience. I forget that even if waking relationships.

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