Free Cartomancy Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous chooses the Red Magician Tarot to ask: “Does she feel any guilt when it comes to what she did to me? Will she move on and stop being toxic?

However, I am not reading for that query.

The technical concern is that one card is grossly insufficient to even open the topic for inspection. It is attempting to judge the quality of a gem by inspecting only one facet from arm’s length. There is so much that will be left out of the review.

The personal concern is that that this request is severely invasive in regards to your target and abusive to your target and yourself. There are other concerns that need to be addressed by someone better qualified than a random card reader on the internet. If this was a paid reading, I would be refunding your fee immediately.

It is abusive to your target because it takes your opinion of what happened at face value. Your personal biases would overrule anything I placed on the table without consideration of the nuances of the matter. Regardless if the one card answer is “Yes” or “No”, you would see a confirmation that she is toxic and unable to move on.

It is abusive to yourself because reading for such a query does not give you space to reckon with your thoughts and feelings on the matter. It would only feed into your pain and justify not doing the personal work to heal and move on. Why bother to take care of yourself when the cards remind you how much she is at fault for everything?

What happened hurt you. This must be acknowledged. But I will not rub ash into that wound and call it medicine because it distracts you from how deep that wound is still aching. I wish you well, and hope you find the medicine for your wounds.


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