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The Right Tarot Deck

The right tarot deck for a reader is one the reader would be comfortable looking at for extended periods of time. If that is the very popular Rider-Waite-Smith deck (also called the Waite-Smith deck), then so be it. If the reader prefers the International Icon Tarot, then this too is good. If the reader is fond of American 50’s aesthetic then the Housewives Tarot would be a welcome study partner. There is no one deck that all tarot readers are required to have. Continue reading The Right Tarot Deck

Why to ask “Why?”

“It’s good you came to me. The cards reveal the source of your troubles. A generational curse has been passed on to you. Not of your fault, but you have it. Things will only get worse unless it is broken. I can break it. But it will not be quick, or cheap. I have a candle that you can use to protect you, but it must be bought to be effective…” Tarot scams are like computer repair scams. They work only on those that never do either for themselves. Continue reading Why to ask “Why?”

Different Views, Different Uses

A new pack of tarot cards is placed on the desk. Still fresh from the printers, there is a fading scent of bitter ink coming from the protective plastic wrapping. The glare of the light prevents you from seeing the art on the box clearly. You can make out the word “Tarot” in a large font. Quick. What kind of tarot deck is this? Any kind you need it to be. What a tarot deck is, is ultimately determined by the hands that use them. Continue reading Different Views, Different Uses

Different Decks, Different Voices

I take all Querents regardless of religious, spiritual, or esoteric beliefs. Often my Querents have an entirely different worldview than I do, and that’s okay. It is not my place to teach or correct. As a cartomancer, it is my place to inform and reveal. And to do that properly, I must fit my answer to the Querent’s worldview. Having different tarot decks helps me do just that, as each one reads with a unique “voice”.

Continue reading Different Decks, Different Voices