About The “What Does The Deck Say” Posts

Each weekday you can find a post titled “What Does The Deck Say” followed by the calendar day of posting. The post features three cards from a cartomancy deck followed by an interpretation of those cards. Many subscribers use the post as a general forecast for their day even though the cards are not being thrown for them specifically.

The “WDTDS” series evolved as a way to show my reading style and how card interpretations can vary not just from card placement but from deck to deck. It is for this reason that the posts are tagged with the cards used so that inquiring persons such as yourself can view other posts using that card(s) and gain context for my reading style.

Sometimes the three cards grant an aphorism. Sometimes they tell a story. Sometimes they leave a plot point for some enterprising writer to pick up and run with. But ultimately, at the beginning and end of the day, the series is nothing more than a broken clock.

It is said that a broken clock is right twice a day, that time being when the time of the moment aligns with the position of the hands on the frozen clock face. So it is with the WDTDS posts. The contextless pulls may occasionally speak to your personal circumstances at the moment you read it. It may appear to give you hope. It may appear to give you advice. It may appear to give you a laugh. It may appear to give you resolve.

It does nothing but provide to you a surface to reflect upon and ponder.

What you take away from the post is what you have already been considering but did not acknowledge until that aligning moment in time.

It tells you nothing new.

Those wanting a personalized reading are welcome to commission such through Ko-Fi: Noxporium. All readings can be customized and if none meet your needs, a dialogue can be opened to create a reading that would fit your concerns.

Those wanting to know more about my reading style and decks are also welcome to open dialogue with me. A single deck of cards can be read so many different ways, after all. How much more then can multiple decks or even the same card across decks.

Make of that, what you may.

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