What Does The Deck Say? June 8, 2020

Wyzard of Odd: The Tower [XVI], Two of Wands, & The Fool [0].

Today’s cards: The Tower [XVI], Two of Wands, & The Fool [0].

If you want to come through, you have to let go of what was. If that means facing the truth that the paradigm you cuddled up with each night was slowly gnawing at you like a devouring worm, then that’s what it takes. What’s coming is scary only because it is new. The sooner you face it fully, the sooner you will be able to adapt to it and the sooner you can recover from the change.

Bryan Lahr’s Wyzard of Odd tarot deck is constructed with images of literally smoke and mirrors, and has the margins lined with correspondences from other religious and esoteric practices. The slightly oversize deck is also good for single card contemplation as the images fold onto themselves and the viewer.

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