What Does The Deck Say? June 21, 2024

High Victorian Playing Cards: Queen of Diamonds, Black Joker, & 6 of Clubs. © theory11.com llc.

Today’s cards: Queen of Diamonds, Black Joker, & 6 of Clubs.

It is a big gulf between being told what to do with your life and going out to make of your life what you want to do with it. There are a lot of unknowns involved and no small amount of discovery, joy, and regret. Do the best you can regardless. It may be that ultimately, your best life is one of servitude, but serving the person(s) and/or causes that fit with your beliefs. It may be that ultimately, your best life is one of self-dedication to pursuit of a goal that will always be larger than yourself but will give you an equally large wellspring of joy. But whatever you wind up doing, today is the day that will give you the opportunity to begin your journey towards that destination. And it is going to start with someone asking you for a “small favor”.

The High Victorian™ Playing Cards are a playing card deck designed by Joe White and inspired by the intricate, breathtaking style of the Victorian era. Announced as “The world’s most intricate, elegant playing cards.”, the detailed design of the card faces and backs allows for the viewer to rest their gaze upon a work of art while they consider their options in the game of their choice. The High Victorian Playing Cards is © theory11.com llc.

What Does The Deck Say” is a weekday series of 3 card pulls from a cartomancy deck. No context or query is given to frame what the cards say as the posts are reading samples and not personal instruction. The result is sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, and usually surprising. All readers are invited to leave a comment about what they perceive in the random spread as each person will interact with the cards in their own way.

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