What Does The Deck Say? June 08 2016

The Legacy of the Divine is a work of art by Ciro Marchetti. Warm images tell a fantastic story across rural, urban, and fantasy settings. A visually inviting deck, it has hints of esotericism for those that are seeking such things, but those hints do not interfere with those that do not.

Today’s cards: 4 of Swordsrv, 6 of Swordsrv, & 6 of Coins.

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You may be physically removed from the circumstances, but you have not escaped the reckoning for your behavior. A balancing of the books is about to begin, and your account is first for review. You think you’re having a bad time with just your conscience yelling at you, wait until the penalties are assigned. Pay the due quickly. Interest accrues daily.

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One thought on “What Does The Deck Say? June 08 2016”

  1. Today’s three card draw deals with retreat and re-purposing. The four of swords shows us that we need to take a break from group work and socializing. We need to look within to fine our strength, after working so hard and taking so much on, we need to give ourselves a break. The six of swords that follows tells us that emotional working is whats needed to progress forward. But the six or pentacles at the end is there to remind us that helping others (like community work) is good for the soul also. So work on healing and loving yourself, but also help your neighbors and friends in non-magical ways. You can still do that, you know! Bright Blessings!

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