What Does The Deck Say? January 28 2015

The Legacy of the Divine’s meanings are a reconciliation between Waite and Crowley. While purists of either system will be howling at the mingling of meanings and symbolism, the deck stands for itself and Leisa ReFalo’s meanings have proven themselves over the years.

Today’s cards: 6 of Cupsrv, Page of Swordsrv, & Strength.

Legacy of the Divine: 6 of Cups reversed, Page of Swords reversed, & Strength.
Legacy of the Divine: 6 of Cupsrv, Page of Swordsrv, & Strength.

That Flaming Blowhard you have to deal with is about to break your last nerve. Before you lose your composure, take a clear look at the circumstances. They are using bravado as a shield, and arrogance as a distraction. Truth is, they know they are lacking, but unwilling to ask for help. Put your stung pride back in your pocket, and do the task you have been assigned to do with/for them. Remember you are responsible only for yourself. Do not allow their bluster to bend you.

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