What Does The Deck Say? January 16, 2019

Animalis Os Fortuna: Page of Cups, The Hanged Man, & Nine of Pentacles.

Designed and illustrated by Megan Weber under the name of “Zaheroux“, this black and white deck features an animal for each card. Though there are bones in every image, don’t let this deck frighten you. There is wisdom for those who seek it.

Today’s cards: Page of Cups, The Hanged Man [XII], & Nine of Pentacles.

While the good news is you are starting off without anything nearby that can immediately stop you, the bad news is you are starting off without any help at all. The day is going to feel painfully lonely and that isolation will distort any legitimate offers of help that may come your way. But you are stronger than you think, and adaptability is a human trait, so you have the skills and resources to make this isolation a mark of triumph.

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