What Does The Deck Say? February 18 2015

The Legacy of the Divine’s meanings are a reconciliation between Waite and Crowley. While purists of either system will be howling at the mingling of meanings and symbolism, the deck stands for itself and Leisa ReFalo’s meanings have proven themselves over the years.

Today’s cards: The Empressrv, 2 of Swordsrv, & Ace of Swordsrv.

The Legacy of the Divine: The Empress reversed, 2 of Swords reversed, & Ace of Swords reversed.
The Legacy of the Divine: The Empressrv, 2 of Swordsrv, & Ace of Swordsrv.

Being a parent takes more than just having a child to nurture. The responsibility is more than just providing food and shelter. If your parent(s) were not parental, it is not your fault, no matter how often they have told you these lies. Don’t try to change the past or force the present to atone. If you must, walk away, for your own peace of mind and security of future.

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