What Does The Deck Say? December 18, 2020

The Wyzard of Odd: Ten of Swords, The Sun [XIX], & Ace of Wands. ©Bryan Lahr.

Today’s cards: Ten of Swords, The Sun [XIX], & Ace of Wands.

Right or wrong, here it comes. And when it comes, when it squeezes every last drop of fortitude out of you, when it condenses your world into the space your heart beats furiously against, remember you have been through this before, and ignite. To create is to destroy and when what you have is already gone, then there is nothing left to do but to build it anew. Remember who you are and keep going.

Bryan Lahr’s Wyzard of Odd tarot deck is constructed with images of literally smoke and mirrors, and has the margins lined with correspondences from other religious and esoteric practices. The slightly oversize deck is also good for single card contemplation as the images fold onto themselves and the viewer. The Wyzard of Odd tarot deck is ©Bryan Lahr.

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