Public Reading: 2014-12-04.01

anon” inquires: “Can I have a general reading miss? Thank you !

The Sweeney Tarot: 10 of Coinsrv, The Starrv, & Strength.

The Sweeney Tarot: 10 of Coins reversed, The Star reversed, & Strength.
The Sweeney Tarot: 10 of Coinsrv, The Starrv, & Strength.

The cliché says that all good things must come to an end, but the end to your good time is coming much sooner than expected. Keep a clear head on your shoulders over the next couple of weeks, and don’t be quick to celebrate good news without proof. Your patience is going to be tested. Hold fast. After the New Year passes things are going to settle back down.

2 responses to “Public Reading: 2014-12-04.01”

  1. I thought it already ended. If it hasn’t yet I don’t think I handle anymore pain. I really can’t.

    • This is the point where I push the cards to the side, take up your hands, and look you in the eye while saying, “Yes, you can.”, with a steady voice. I know it hurts. I can see that it hurts. But this is not going to continue forever. You have it in you to make it through to the end. You’ll have to remind yourself of that day by day, hour by hour if necessary. If you have to remake yourself in the process to endure, then do so. But you can make it. I’ll be seeing you after New Years.

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