Free Tarot Reading: Third Party

Third Party asks: “Do I have (carry) a spiritual parasite?

Tavaglione’s Stairs of Gold answers: The Pope [V].

Yes, but, the parasite is not as parasitical as you think. You have a lot of homework ahead of you, as what you think is a black/white question has a lot of gray in the answer. Superficially, it is a spiritual parasite, and no one will fault you for taking all necessary steps to remove it. However, a key step to its removal is learning how and why it attached to you in the first place. Here lies your [M]ystery. What have you been doing that you should not? What have you not been doing that you should? Is there a deviation between the path you said you would follow and where your feet (and mind) have actually gone? In that gap is the source of your parasite and the means of its removal.