Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “How’s my new job going to go? Starting a new one this coming week and I’m scared.

Bosch Tarot answers: 10 of Pentacles.

First off, it’s right proper to be somewhat afraid before starting a new job. Change, even positive change, is scary! That’s just how we are. Having said that, someone’s greed is going to put the squeeze on you in this coming week. (A reminder that the Bosch Tarot does not use Waite’s meanings as its base.) Whether that someone is you, your boss, or a coworker wanting to make themselves look good at your expense remains to be seen. Do not be surprised if you are asked to go above and beyond what you thought you were hired for. Before you answer, consider the long-term consequences. If the office just happened to be short-staffed because several people called out sick at the same time is one thing. To be told that your job duties and responsibilities just doubled with no increase in pay (and nothing in writing) is something else altogether.