Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “Where’s my love life headed?

The Legacy of the Divine Tarot answers: The Wheel [X] (reversed).

Where do you want it to be headed? Some readers see the upright Wheel of Fortune as a sign of great positive and/or beneficial luck, and the reversed card as a sign of great negative and/or confounding luck. But in your case, I see no luck at all. Which is not as bad as you think. Rather than being subject to the whims of fortune and being forced to subsist on surprise encounters, you have the capability to choose which scenarios to enter and what circumstances you want your love life to explore.

This sounds like a long winded way of passing the buck. It is really a long winded way to remind you that you have to create your own luck, this time. Is there a chance you’ll be rejected if you ask that person out for a date? Yes. Is there a chance you’ll go out on that date if you never ask? Hell, no. Don’t wait for luck to favor you before setting out to take a chance. Make that chance now.