Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “Every time I think I’ve finally found the right thing to major in at school hoping to build a career out of it it falls apart on me. Either it turns out to be the wrong thing for me or I lose interest. Will I find the right major/career for me during the course of school this time around? I’m sorry if this is a crappy question. I’m just tired of spending tuition money on dead ends. Thank you so much!

The R.M. Tarot answers: Ace of Cups.

You will find a “major/career” which will satisfy your immediate emotional needs while allowing you the grace of embracing the needs you have closed yourself off to. Having said that, do you see the trap you have laid at your feet? One card alone can not show if you will find a job that is so satisfying that you drop out and never finish the course, nor can it show if you will suffer for 362 days only to have a bright epiphany the last hour before midnight. This card is the start of your answer.

A grumpy old woman’s suggestion: Sit down with pencil and paper and start mapping out why your previous attempts did not work. How did those things fail you in the end and forced you to seek a different avenue. These previous attempts are dots on a map showing where you do not want to be, but they still have use. Look at the map you are creating and note where the dots do not lie. Explore that space. Good luck.