Free Card Reading: Haze

Sweeney Tarot: 2 of Coins.

Haze asks: “What can I begin (in limbo) that will provide necessary fulfilling ‘harvest’ now and later? (Thank you!)

The Sweeney Tarot answers: 2 of Coins.

The advantage of beginning work over there is that you can take up as much space as you can wrap your mind around. Use that to your advantage. Instead of planting your metaphorical field with just one thing, diversify. Plant the “guaranteed to grow” and “traditional offerings”, but also plant the “what the hell” and “why the hell not” varieties. What doesn’t take will reveal itself quickly and you’ll thin out the “looked good on paper” and the “boiled exotic seeds” under-performers. The point though, is that you begin as soon as possible to also take advantage of as much time as possible. This way, should you identify a surprise crop that is just going to the moon, you can choose whether to let that go for itself and nurture a secondary crop for good measure, or if to let the other fields go fallow and aim for the blue ribbon prize. (You’re welcome!)

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