What Does The Deck Say? July 29, 2019

Stairs of Gold: 5 of Cups, The World [XXI], & The Judgement [XX].

Tavaglione’s Stairs of Gold Tarot is a richly decorated esoteric book in the form of 78 tarot cards. Sometimes wildly diverging from Waite’s road, the deck can read as slim as necessary and as deep as the reader is willing to focus. Tavaglione’s Stairs of Gold Tarot is ©US Games Systems.

Today’s cards: 5 of Cups, The World [XXI], & The Judgement [XX].

Even though you know that the contents of the box is not as complete as they should be, go ahead and ship it anyway. You need to get that project off of your table because something is going to show up that will need the skills you have just honed. Yes, it will highlight what you could have finished before, but it will also highlight how you are able to move forward now.

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