Free Card Reading: Anonymous

Legacy of the Divine: 9 of Swords.

Anonymous asks: “Im 26 and never been in a relationship. I find it really hard to connect with people and I have tried online dating from time to time but no duh luck. My question here , after my spill, is: what do i need to do to find love ?

So just to let you know up front, that is not a one-card question. It could be a one-session question if you are willing to sit down with the reader and converse not only about the cards on the table but also the contexts and circumstances in play. But even then, it is not as simple as pray this prayer, drink this draught, and everything will magically line up for you. What you are asking for is Work, the life-changing kind. My answer will be a compass reading that sights the direction of your target, but it will tell you nothing about the territories between here and there.

The Legacy of the Divine Tarot answers: 9 of Swords.

Stop worrying about finding love. The card reader gets it: You don’t want to be alone. The cards ask instead: Are you about to lower your standards to meet what you perceive as available prospects because being lonely is that uncomfortable? What is it that is driving your search for “love”? (English is a terrible language to discuss anything love related.) What kind of companionship do you think you want, are you told to want, and that you actually want? And what are you willing to part with? What are you willing to settle for? Think these questions through very carefully. You may find that this is not the time to traverse the unknown. It may be time to make sure you know yourself enough to avoid the traps you are laying at your own feet.

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