Dear Noxporium: Is there any way I can donate to you?

Dear Noxporium: I have had many free cartomancy readings, which have I might add always contained highly accurate, and sometimes incredibly direct blows, to give a swift but knowledgeable kick up the backside. I would like to pay you for your services, as I am, alas, already long overdue with the gift I said I would make many years ago. [Personal details removed.]

Dear Anonymous: The free readings have always been made without expectation of return or remuneration. You do not owe me. While I do restrict the availability of the free readings based on my current circumstances, they have been and will continue to be offered in good faith.

However, I do understand the weight of implicit debt, and I do not want you to be burdened with an impossible cost. So here is how I want you to discharge that implicit debt: Pay it forward.

Assist someone in a manner that you are capable of, but don’t overextend yourself so that you are harmed by it. If you can do the thing but that person cannot, and that person asks you for help, help them.

It doesn’t have to be anything connected with esoteric, magic, “woo”, religious, or spiritual beliefs. It could be getting a pickle jar from the top shelf in the supermarket. It could be explaining an English label to someone who does not understand English.

Be kind to someone when you have the choice to do so and expect nothing from that person in return. There is no need nor want for you to report to me what you have done. Let your conscious weigh your payment. Do this, and your debt to me will be paid in full.