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4 of Wands

Four tall rods stand two on each side of the card. Each is budding at the top. A garland is strung between the outermost rods, which are also the tallest. From the garland hang flowers, large leaves, tendrils of ivy, and bunches of grapes. The garland hangs behind the two inner rods. In the gap between the two groups, in the lower third of the card, are two women crowned with leaves and flowers. They are waving posies as if in celebration. An archway is to the lower right of the card, also bedecked in flowering plants. To the lower left are three people, possibly dancing. A grand keep or walled town is behind them. The scene invokes the gaiety of a festival. Continue reading 4 of Wands

The Chariot

A large canopied chariot is drawn by two mythological figures. The combination dominates the card, leaving just enough sky to see it is cloudless, and that there is a walled city in the background, with a strip of trees between the walls and a river that flows behind the chariot. The canopy is adorned with stars to emulate the night sky. The armored charioteer, facing the viewer directly, wears a crown with a large prominent star. The left spaulder resembles a smiling moon, the right spaulder resembles a frowning moon. Upon the cuirass, over the breastbone, is engraved a square with no other adornment. The belt, slightly askew, is meant to remind the view of the zodiacal belt. Covering from the waist down are vertical strips of overlapping armor, marked with alchemical symbols. The charioteer’s left hand is bare, his right hand holds a tall, thin rod. No reins are present, nor any obvious means by which the beasts are attached to the chariot. Also, the charioteer is not standing in the chariot, but appears to be part of the chariot itself and is emerging from the block. The front of the block bears a shield marked with a rod penetrating a disk. The crest of the shield is marked by a small disk and two outstretched wings. On the viewer’s left, lying in repose before the chariot, is a black sphinx with a striped headdress, holding her tail. On the viewer’s right, in the same but mirrored post, is a white sphinx doing the same, but the colors of her stripes are the inverse of the black sphinx’s. Behind them, on the outside of the chariot, can be seen the two great wheels that the chariot will ride upon once underway. Continue reading The Chariot

Page of Pentacles

A young man dominates the view of this card. He stands in a thoughtful pose, facing to the viewer’s right, holding his right leg as if the thought struck him as he was walking and now he has stopped. His hat appears like a turban, with a long length of cloth descending from it, crossing his chest, and falling over his right shoulder. Otherwise, his clothes are nondescript. He holds a large pentacle to his face as if to see desired answers upon its surface. In the near distance of the low background are a stand of trees on a hill, and a plowed field ready for planting at the base of it. In the far distance is a river, and a mountain beyond that. The sky is cloudless. Continue reading Page of Pentacles