What Does The Deck Say? December 20, 2018

Red Magician Tarot: King of Disks, The High Priestess [II], & Strength [XI].

The Red Magician Tarot is a collage deck created by Jay LeRoy based on Hermetic principles.

Today’s cards: King of Disks, The High Priestess [II], & Strength [XI].

The cards tell a story of a person of means and resources who will be tested today. Their triumph over the day’s obstacles will not be won by the movement of their purchased chess pieces or the borrowed abilities of their allies. They will win this day by listening to the very things they have turned their back on: The intangible, the inspirational, and the fortitude to stand not for what is profitable, but what is right. The cards say that we can triumph over our personal obstacles by seeking our version of those things and taking them [back].

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