What Does The Deck Say? December 18, 2018

Universal Waite: The Hierophant [V], Ace of Cups, & The Star [XVII].

The Universal Waite is Mary Hanson-Roberts’ recolored rendition of the Waite-Smith deck. Nearly identical lining is softened by gentle coloring. Some faces have been reworked to be more pleasing to the eye. The Universal Waite Tarot is ©US Games Systems, Inc.

Today’s cards: The Hierophant [V], Ace of Cups, & The Star [XVII].

There is a time to try something new, and a time to stay with what is proven. Abide in proven ways today and take comfort from the familiar and the predictable. This is not the day to be an iconoclast, but to drink deep from tradition and share faith with those who have done the same as you are about to do today.

See something different? The comments are open for 14 days from date of posting. Have at it!

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