Beta Testing: 2014-07-01.02

Beta Testing: “Cups of Illusion” The Cups of Illusion spread is a sixteen-card spread using the 78 cards of a full tarot deck. This spread specifically targets the illusions the Querent sees in eight spheres of their environment, including themselves, and the real nature underneath the illusions. The layout is based on the RWS 7 of Cups, and the cards are laid out in planetary order.

Beta Tester: “Feather Quill

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A formal post for the Cups of Illusion spread will be made after beta testing is complete (including dealing order on the table), but for now here are the different stations:

  • Q: Querent’s personal sphere. Their interior self.
  • Moon: The Querent’s intuition, dreams, and subconscious.
  • Mercury: The Querent’s ability to communicate, be understood, and/or manipulation of kir environment.
  • Venus: The Querent’s love life, as well as personal fecundity. How kir nurtures other people and other things.
  • Sun: The Querent’s external self, how ke presents kirself to others, and how ke is seen.
  • Mars: The Querent’s external battles, including place of work, if relevant. Those matters where the Querent is in opposition and must strive to get ahead.
  • Jupiter: The Querent’s overall luck and prosperity, (lack of) generosity and the consequences of it.
  • Saturn: The Querent’s long-term fate and total influence over their world. Often out of the Querent’s immediate hands, but can be changed through kir daily actions.
  • Querent’s Illusions:
    • Q: Justice You tell yourself that you know what’s right and what’s wrong and how to judge objectively between the two, that you have the authority to force balance in a situation that is teetering. But your actions are refuting your assertions.
    • Moon: Queen of Cups Your desire for objectivity continues to how you apply your intuition. You understand what is brought to you, and are considered understanding, but the mirror is flawed. Your biases are getting in the way of what you are seeing.
    • Mercury: 4 of Wands All the world is a game and you have unlimited play. It may seem like it’s taking a while to get things going, but that’s because you are just starting out. Right? No, you are letting your visions of the endgame confuse you to the leveling up you still have to do.
    • Venus: 8 of Swords Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, no one’s going to help, so why bother! No. You are much more capable than you think!
    • Sun: The Tower Others tell you that you’re a wreck. A hot mess. Someone’s future Fix-It. The only thing to wreck is their opinion of you. You are not hopeless, not stuck, and not a reject. You just need other, better voices to remind you of that.
    • Mars: 9 of Swords It’s not that nothing goes right, it’s that you have the perception that nothing goes right. This self-sustaining monster is clinging to your head, reminding you of all the insignificant times something went wrong and implying you’ll never do right. Banish that beast. It’s lying to you.
    • Jupiter: Temperance Moderation in all things, but you’re forgetting that also applies to moderation. Withholding your hand because you don’t want to teach codependence sounds great on paper, but if you took a step back and looked at it from a third-party point of view, your temperance is stultifying. By trying not to be too giving, you are risking not giving at all.
    • Saturn: The Chariot You are sure everything is in balance, and that you can engage the autopilot for your journey. All settings are optimized and there’s nothing left but to sit back and enjoy the view. Not quite. What you think is autopilot is simply you stuck in a rut.
  • Querent’s Reality:
    • Q: 4 of Pentacles You’re holding on to something far too tightly. Whether it be an ideal or a thing is not clear. But what you have hold of, now has a hold of you, and you are held captive by what you thought would free you.
    • Moon: Page of Pentacles Return to your first studies and introspections. There is a gift there for working these things out, but your illusion has overreached your reality. Study yourself, so if you wish to become that Queen of Cups for your peers after all, you can do so without being limited.
    • Mercury: The Moon Right now there is confusion and more confusion. You try to make things work, but it goes backward. You can’t grind your way out of this one. You’ll have to drop the illusion so you can see squarely where you are at and how to make things better.
    • Venus: 8 of Wands Pick a direction to focus on, now launch yourself in it. Once you are underway in whatever project of increase you desire, you’ll find yourself making better headway than you thought. But if you just stand there, you’ll never move! Go fly!
    • Sun: Queen of Pentacles You’re warm. You bring comfort to others. Yea, you can be scorching at times, but your friends aren’t put off by you. There are a lot of nuances to you that get overlooked because the louder voices in your life are proclaiming your doom. Ignore them. Shine.
    • Mars: The Hermit Your mistakes seem to be magnified because your successes are barely noticed. It’s not from being minor, it’s from no attention being brought to them. There’s a time for being humble, and a time to let people know who just saved their bacon. Come forward and be recognized for your achievements.
    • Jupiter: The Emperor Your gifts come with terms and conditions. The recipient may not owe you a debt, but they are often restricted with what they can do with your gift. No matter how soft the glove over the gauntlet, steel bites. Squeeze too hard, and it bites the hand wearing it. Not saying that you need to give all your possessions to the poor, but what you give of yourself must be given freely. You can not control other people’s hearts.
    • Saturn: Ace of Cups You have more going for you than the dispelling of the illusion implies, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Nothing says contentment like the Ace of Cups, but the downside is you now have to work to maintain that joy and direct yourself into positive pursuits. There will be no autopilot with this ride. You have to have a hand on the steering wheel the entire way.

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