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Beta Testing: “Cups of Illusion” The Cups of Illusion spread is a sixteen-card spread using the 78 cards of a full tarot deck. This spread specifically targets the illusions the Querent sees in eight spheres of their environment, including themselves, and the real nature underneath the illusions. The layout is based on the RWS 7 of Cups, and the cards are laid out in planetary order.

Beta Tester: “S.G.

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A formal post for the Cups of Illusion spread will be made after beta testing is complete (including dealing order on the table), but for now here are the different stations:

  • Q: Querent’s personal sphere. Their interior self.
  • Moon: The Querent’s intuition, dreams, and subconscious.
  • Mercury: The Querent’s ability to communicate, be understood, and/or manipulation of kir environment.
  • Venus: The Querent’s love life, as well as personal fecundity. How kir nurtures other people and other things.
  • Sun: The Querent’s external self, how ke presents kirself to others, and how ke is seen.
  • Mars: The Querent’s external battles, including place of work, if relevant. Those matters where the Querent is in opposition and must strive to get ahead.
  • Jupiter: The Querent’s overall luck and prosperity, (lack of) generosity and the consequences of it.
  • Saturn: The Querent’s long-term fate and total influence over their world. Often out of the Querent’s immediate hands, but can be changed through kir daily actions.
  • Querent’s Illusions:
    • Q: The Hermit A strong, solitary, independent person. That is how the mirror reflects your image back to you. Unconnected to anyone, and not in need of anyone. Just you, your hobbies, and your internet connection. It’s not enough.
    • Moon: Queen of Wands Under the facade, your reflection is warm, welcome, and understanding. Completely relaxed and in full control of all your inner aspects. Right? Well… That would be the end goal, but you’re not there yet.
    • Mercury: 8 of Pentacles Your illusion is not perfect. You see room for improvement both with the mask, and over what it is hiding. But you’re focusing the work on the wrong part, giving others the impression that you don’t know what you’re talking about and are playing buzzword bingo.
    • Venus: 4 of Wands Your illusion says you have all the basics covered. No need to work on anything, because all you need to find is the right person and the chemistry will seal the deal. Stop overlooking the cracks in the foundation and the sagging at one end. If you want increase, you’re going to have to make some repairs.
    • Sun: Knight of Swords Behold the pure and true knight! A clean heart and clean hands means you can be trusted with all things. Right? No. That’s how you wish to be seen, and how a select few do see you. But you’re trying too hard, and probably setting off many internal alarms.
    • Mars: 5 of Pentacles Here is where the previous card gets you in trouble. You are trying to be the unsullied knight, but you are in situations where knighthood is a detriment. So now there is this worry, that you will have to break the mask that you just polished. Uncertainty about who you are is not helping.
    • Jupiter: The Devil The side-effects of the mask of illusions just keep compounding. Those that don’t know you attribute your success to nefarious means or outright trickery. It’s a hard reputation to shake, and if you accept those jealous words as fact, you’ll be cutting off what luck you have left.
    • Saturn: The Sun You keep saying that you have everything under control, that it’s all going to turn out alright. But this is one illusion even you have a hard time believing. Some problems need to be faced squarely, not papered up with blinding optimism.
  • Querent’s Reality:
    • Q: King of Swords You are connected, but the throne does not sit well with you. It’s rather dry and empty of personal contact, leading you to think that you don’t need anyone else. It’s your life, of course you rule it. But must you rule it from so high a tower and in so distant a sealed keep?
    • Moon: Page of Swords That ball of nerves is close to strangling itself. The heat that your feel is from the constant surveillance of your every move. You don’t trust yourself, and you are constantly trying to keep the mask tight while still having the mobility to see around it. Time to drop the mask and start untangling that knot.
    • Mercury: 4 of Swords Trust your instincts here. You may not have the speed of speech that your peers are quick to show off like a badge of honor, but you do have an understanding of the topics and the ability to speak meaningfully about them. But that means dropping the mask. The ones that matter will listen to you. Once you start speaking up for yourself.
    • Venus: 7 of Swords You run the risk of collecting hearts like magpies collect shinies. As soon as a new pretty comes along, you’ll want that one too. This is part of the repairs you need to make. What do you really want? What have you been substituting for it? Start fixing that foundation.
    • Sun: 7 of Wands Pristine armor has never been tested. But you’ve been through several dozen scrapes, verbally and physically, already. Why are you showing yourself as something you are not? You’re a fighter, a survivor, and have the scars that announce it. Just be you. That’s all that’s required.
    • Mars: Wheel of Fortune Drop the worry and just be you. Doors that you had to struggle just to identify becomes clear and unlocked. What you have to justify over and over again is released without conflict. This is not a permanent state, so seize it! And never pick up the worry of trying to be something you’re not again.
    • Jupiter: Page of Wands What you truly have is currently small in amount. But not worthless. Choose carefully who you share your wealth with (and not just money), and you will find yourself being repaid the same. Don’t underestimate how great a treasure goodwill is.
    • Saturn: Knight of Wands Changing the long-term flow of your life requires a quick change now to get started. It is not unrealistic to say you will have to leave everything you hold dear right now. The patterns and habits of your life have ground a rut in the road. Jump out of it, and start walking along a different path. Each little change adds up.

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