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Queen of Swords

A crowned woman sits on a throne bearing an upright sword in her right hand and raising her left hand in gesture. Both woman and throne face the viewer’s right. Her robe is simple and her cloak is decorated with clouds. The side profile of the throne is decorated with carvings of butterflies and a cherub’s face and wings. Behind her in the distance, puffy clouds are accumulating low on the horizon. Above her head a single bird soars. Tall windblown trees can be seen, with a river moving at their base. Continue reading Queen of Swords

The Empress

A woman sits on a cushioned luxurious chair, turned slightly to face the viewer. Her robe is adorned with rich fruits. In the foreground a field of corn is ripening. Beside her, on the ground to her right, is a heart shaped shield bearing the mark of the planet Venus. Her legs are crossed at her ankles under the robe. Her left hand rests on her left knee while her right arm is raised to hold a short, globe-topped scepter. Her crown bears 12 stars. Behind her, in the background, a thick forest can be seen with a river that descend off a cliff as a waterfall. Continue reading The Empress