Free Tarot Reading: Serena

Serena asks: “what do I need to know about romantic love?

The Bosch Tarot answers: 2 of Wands.

Rule 1: No rules. What do you want romantic love to be? There’s your answer. If this sounds like I’m dodging the question, I’m actually reflecting the question back to you. The 2 of Wands advises you not to be afraid of the uncertainty of the situation. I’ll take that one step further and say that the uncertainty of the situation is what gives you the advantage.

Put aside magazines and the relationship blogs. Put aside what your friends and family have told you is proper romantic love, and what social media tells you is proper romantic love. Don’t use sitcoms, romcoms, anime, and manga to measure out what you think romantic love should be. What makes you happy? What gestures warm your heart when performed from the warmth of theirs?

What do you need to know about romantic love? Explore it and find your ideal form for yourself. Some experimentation required.