Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “How do my coworkers see me ?

The Fey Tarot answers: 7 of Pentacles.

Positively? As tenacious, patience, and steadfast. Negatively? As blinded by work, overly dedicated to a failing cause, and unwilling to move faster than necessary, especially when it is really necessary. Some of these appearances can be modified, some cannot, and some you may not want to change if they are working out for you. But if not, and if this does not reflect who you are, you may want to consider what you are doing that causes others to see you differently.

For instance, they may only see you working methodically over the stack of paperwork, but they don’t see the frantic effort you had to expend to even get that hot mess into a controllable stack in the first place. In the end, don’t worry too much about it. Your work will speak more about you than anything else.