What Does The Deck Say? September 24 2014

The Legacy of the Divine’s meanings are a reconciliation between Waite and Crowley. While purists of either system will be howling at the mingling of meanings and symbolism, the deck stands for itself and Leisa ReFalo’s meanings have proven themselves over the years.

Today’s cards: The Towerrv, Queen of Wands, & 7 of Wandsrv.

Legacy of the Divine: The Tower reversed, Queen of Wands, & 7 of Wands reversed.
Legacy of the Divine: The Towerrv, Queen of Wands, & 7 of Wandsrv.

You have been through some shit stuff and are finally starting to move forward again. Good for you! Remember the lessons you have learned from the experience and remain in control of yourself. However, don’t give in to your clinging fears. Not everyone that disagrees with you is your enemy. Don’t turn windmills into giants.

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