What Does The Deck Say? October 12 2015

The Fey Tarot is the work of Mara Aghem. While the card names mostly track conventional tarot naming, the scenes differ from Pamela Coleman Smith’s renditions. Not all minors display the full pip count of their number. Rather, the scenes are meant to evoke the intuition of the reader rather than depend on long lists of regurgitated meanings.

Today’s cards: 9 of Wands, 3 of Pentacles, & King of Swords.

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Regardless of what the calendar says, the season is coming to a close. This is not the time to spend your resources at will. Save what you can and use them only when necessary. But when you do use them, make sure to get all possible benefit from them. The lean times are coming if not to your wallet then to your spirit. Remember to care for yourself first. It is not your responsibility to make other people happy.

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