What Does The Deck Say? November 24, 2021

Fey Tarot: The Hanged Man – XII, The Hermit – IX, & 9 of Wands. ©Lo Scarabeo.

Today’s cards: The Hanged Man – XII, The Hermit – IX, & 9 of Wands.

The week has not been gentle to you and you find yourself in the comfort of solitude. But it is as comforting as you have been telling yourself? Or have you been using it as a mask to avoid confronting painful concerns? The things you want to achieve cannot be grasped while you are holding your hands in your shadow. Use today to prepare yourself for going out later and taking what is yours in plain sight.

The Fey Tarot is the work of Mara Aghem. While the card names mostly track conventional tarot naming, the scenes differ from Pamela Coleman Smith’s renditions. Not all minors display the full pip count of their number. Rather, the scenes are meant to evoke the intuition of the reader rather than depend on long lists of regurgitated meanings. The Fey Tarot is ©Lo Scarabeo.

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