What Does The Deck Say? May 9, 2019

Animalis Os Fortuna: The Sun [XIX], The Empress [III], & Nine of Swords.

Designed and illustrated by Megan Weber under the name of “Zaheroux“, this black and white deck features an animal for each card. Though there are bones in every image, don’t let this deck frighten you. There is wisdom for those who seek it.

Today’s cards: The Sun [XIX], The Empress [III], & Nine of Swords.

The scariest thing you could encounter is not any of the fears you are prepared to face, but when everything is going just your way and the day looks perfect. It’s hard not to fall into pieces from the intensity of your anxiety that something, somewhere, is going to come out of the shadows and fuck this up. The cards recognize that not all battles occur on the battlefield and encourage you to use your resources to make the most of today despite (and to spite) your worried nerves.

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