What Does The Deck Say? May 5, 2022

Stairs of Gold Tarot: 8 of Coins, The World – XXI, & 5 of Cups. ©US Games Systems.

Today’s cards: 8 of Coins, The World – XXI, & 5 of Cups.

Gratz! You got what you wanted! You got precisely what you wanted and now you have to deal with the consequences of your decision. Now that you have proven the grapes are sour, you still have time to let go of your prize and resume working towards a better solution. If you wait too long, you are going to be stuck with more than a sour taste.

Tavaglione’s Stairs of Gold Tarot is a richly decorated esoteric book in the form of 78 tarot cards. Sometimes wildly diverging from Waite’s road, the deck can read as slim as necessary and as deep as the reader is willing to focus. Tavaglione’s Stairs of Gold Tarot is ©US Games Systems.

What Does The Deck Say” is a weekday series of 3 card pulls from a cartomancy deck. No context or query is given to frame what the cards say as the posts are reading samples and not personal instruction. The result is sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, and usually surprising. All readers are invited to leave a comment about what they perceive in the random spread as each person will interact with the cards in their own way.

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