What Does The Deck Say? May 29, 2019

Sweeney Tarot: 3 of Swords (reversed), 2 of Coins (reversed), & The Fool [0].

The Sweeney Tarot was designed to read with reversals. Having the expected 78 cards, one could use any system of meanings with it. However Lee Bradford has put deep thought into the meanings of the Sweeney Tarot, making sure it is approachable by all and without occult or religious concerns that would restrict its audience or use.

Today’s cards: 3 of Swords (reversed), 2 of Coins (reversed), & The Fool [0].

For all the cries of “Teamwork makes the dream work!”, you know better. Others will interpret your withdrawl from the usual banter as a sullen retreat. Only you will know it will be required to get shit done. Let other people put out their fires while you take care of what you need to do, one thing at a time. When you emerge from your retreat, it will feel as if you have ended at the beginning. And in a way, you will have. You will have started a new chapter, one where you are the protagonist, not the supporting character.

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