What Does The Deck Say? March 8, 2024

Bicycle Vintage Playing Cards: 10 of Clubs, 9 of Spades, & 7 of Diamonds. ©Bicycle Cards.

Today’s cards: 10 of Clubs, 9 of Spades, & 7 of Diamonds.

With everything settled and filed, you are quite sure that you are done with the matter and the only thing left to do is to get yourself a celebratory drink to mark the occasion with. By all means, do what you need to do to stay hydrated, but don’t throw the paperwork into the fire just yet. You weren’t told the whole of the thing and today you begin to find out just how much work will need to be redone. You are more than justified to be angry about it, but don’t use that anger against the reopened project. Maintain your bearing and make sure that it is truly done before you turn your attention towards those who lied to make themselves comfortable at your expense.

This modern deck of playing cards looks like it has been locked up for nearly a century, waiting for someone to come along and rediscover it. The intricate casing has aged beautifully as the tuck has yellowed but the red has kept its vibrant color through the years. This deck of playing cards is printed by Bicycle and produced by Collectable Playing Cards. The Bicycle Vintage Playing Cards is ©Bicycle Cards.

What Does The Deck Say” is a weekday series of 3 card pulls from a cartomancy deck. No context or query is given to frame what the cards say as the posts are reading samples and not personal instruction. The result is sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, and usually surprising. All readers are invited to leave a comment about what they perceive in the random spread as each person will interact with the cards in their own way.

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