What Does The Deck Say? March 24, 2021

Dust II Onyx: Five of Coins, Lil' Coin, & Eight of Coins. ©Courtney Alexander.

Today’s cards: Five of Coins, Lil’ Coin, & Eight of Coins

An opportunity will present itself to you. It will be one that you will find no reason to be joyous about and you will feel that it would be better for you to remain where you are than to step down into that position. Have you looked up at your goal? Have you traced the steps you need to take between where you are and where it is? Did you overlook that it will take humility as well as determination to come through the circumstances you are in? Take the step down now so you can begin the path up later.

The Dust II Onyx tarot deck is Courtney Alexander’s homage to her Black heritage and to the Black matriarchs and leaders of her communities. The deck is also a love offering to the LGBTQIA+ community and is presented as a tool for every person within the African diaspora to feel a connection to without prejudice. The Dust II Onyx, A Melanated Tarot Deck, is ©Courtney Alexander.

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