What Does The Deck Say? July 9, 2019

Corvid Romantic: 10 Flowers, The Black Joker, & Queen of Bones.

The Corvid Romantic Playing Cards are a “poker” deck designed and illustrated by Megan Weber. Under the name of “Zaheroux“, she showcases her nature and magic inspired artwork. Please note that the Corvid Romantic’s Feathers are read as Clubs and the Bones are read as Spades.

Today’s cards: 10 Flowers, The Black Joker, & Queen of Bones.

The day starts off good, with everything you wanted already in your hands. So be wary of fear, jealousy, and/or pride pulling your hands down. It will be easy to think that everyone is trying to take what you have or that your position is insecure and therefore you must build more towers to pour boiling oil and spite from, but resist that. Don’t allow the unknown to steal what you already have. Rest in yourself, and let tomorrow come at its own pace.

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