What Does The Deck Say? January 3, 2019

Animalis Os Fortuna: The Empress [III], Queen of Pentacles, & Five of Cups.

Designed and illustrated by Megan Weber under the name of “Zaheroux“, this black and white deck features an animal for each card. Though there are bones in every image, don’t let this deck frighten you. There is wisdom for those who seek it.

Today’s cards: The Empress [III], Queen of Pentacles, & Five of Cups.

That you have the skill and the grace to be a pillar of strength and comfort for your friends and your community has never been in doubt. When things start to get scary you are looked to as the embodiment of the hope needed to walk through the shadows. But you have your limits, and you have ran into them at full speed. It is not weak to cry. It is not weak to feel empty. It is not a disservice to others to be in need yourself. Tend to the wounds you think you have been hiding. Ignore those who feel their wounds are more important to you. Care for yourself.

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